Night Vision Wireless Camera

night vision wireless camera

    wireless camera
  • Wireless cameras allow the transmission of video and audio data to be transmitted to the receiver without having to run wires (using radio waves). Wireless cameras often have an option to power the camera via mains in which case there will be a lead from camera to power point.

  • is a term used too frequently in the CCTV, and especially miniature camera, industry. Any product touted as a "wireless camera" is simply a camera integrated with a wireless transmitter. Eyespyvideo.

    night vision
  • Denoting devices that enhance nighttime vision

  • the ability to see in reduced illumination (as in moonlight)

  • Night vision is the ability to see in a dark environment. Whether by biological or technological means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches: sufficient spectral range, and sufficient intensity range.

  • Night Vision is the fourth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn.

Aurora, Fair Isle

Aurora, Fair Isle

04/02/2011 23:12 UTC Aurora, Fair Isle
With activity forecast to storm level 5.67Kp, skies were disappointingly overcast on Fair Isle. However, a brief break of just a few minutes did occur, allowing some photographs to be obtained.
Though there is a hint of red in the display, the foreground red is caused by my headlamp used in 'night vision' mode. I forgot to switch it off during this first exposure!

I'd been sitting outside watching and waiting. Saw the cloud thinning at 2310, dashed inside for tripod and camera which I had alresdy prepared: ISO 1600, 'bulb setting, f6.3.
First pic (this one) 23:12 using a wireless remote (avoids the vibration when pressing the shutter). 53 sec exposure.
Second at 23:15. 52 sec exposure
Third and last, at 23:17. 30 sec exposure
The whole opportunity lasted about 5 minutes.

Night Recon Briefing

Night Recon Briefing

1 Section looks on as their Section Leader receives the final briefing for a night reconnaissance mission. After leaving this briefing, the section is issued any necessary special equipment (NSPU rifle-mounted night optics in this case), and then they jump off.

When these guys got close to their objective, they set a rally point, dropped their gear, and conducted their reconnaissance without the rattling part of their "battle rattle." They then met up at the rally point, shared information, and transmitted critical bits via SOI encoded wireless message.

Red lights are used in the Command Tent at night to preserve night vision.

(Expired 800ISO Fuji Press, 1/2 sec, tweaked a bit on PC. Take that, digital camera!)

night vision wireless camera

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